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12 Charming Star-Toddlers Who’ve Kept Internet Busy With Their Insanely Adorable Pictures!

Imara Khan and Taimur Ali Khan PataudiDoting on star-toddlers is our favourite past-time. Ok! That might’ve had a creepy-stalker-ring to it, but we have no bad intentions. We’re just aww-ed by their adorability. The little bundle of joys make our hearts melt with their cuteness and we can’t help but have a warm fuzzy feeling while looking at their pictures.
And, we would like to share that fuzzy feeling with you. Here are ten star-toddlers who give us aww-gasms.

1. Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s baby boy Taimur Ali Khan can rightfully be called ‘Goldilocks’. He’s naturally blonde and so gorgeous already, just like his beautiful parents.

2. Misha Kapoor

Shahid gave us a really sweet surprise when he posted a picture of baby Misha saying hello to the world. Shoo cute!

3. AbRam Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s li’l don is the reigning king of the cute-star league. We always get a cute-attack seeing AbRam. Always!

4. Ziva Dhoni

MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni’s baby girl is such a diva already and wins our hearts with her adorable smile.

5. Riaan Deshmukh

Riteish-Genelia Deshmukh’s elder son Riaan is so photogenic that we can’t take eyes off him.

6. Rahyl Deshmukh

And, Rit-Gen’s younger one oozes oodles of cuteness.

7. Maxima Zuckerberg

Image Source
Maxima Chan Zuckerberg aka Max, born to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, kills us with her gobble-worthy cuteness.

8. Imara Khan

When both the parents (Imran Khan and Avantika Malik) are such good-lookers, then, of course, baby Imara would be very cutesy. And, she is.

9. Arain Kapoor

Wondering who this Kapoor is? Well, remember Aamna Sharif from ‘Kahin Toh Hoga’, ‘Aloo Chaat’? Well, this is her baby boy Arain Kapoor.

10. Ahil Sharma

Salman Khan’s nephew and Arpita Khan Sharma-Aayush Sharma’s son, Ahil the tinselville buzz. Everyone loves Ahil and is keen to pose with the baby boy.

11. Reanna

Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy’s baby girl is cute as a button and we have baby-crush on her. She’s so cute!
12. Hinaya Heer Singh
Image Source
Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra’s cute munchkin, Hinaya Heer is a total heart-stealer. Ain’t she?
So, how many cute-attacks did you get?

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