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14 Mistakes in JOLLY LLB 2

We are in love with our Bollywood movies. Don’t you agree with this point? Seeing movies covering various ideas behind a story tellers mind, have you ever realised the fact that inorder to make the story more creative, the writers make mistakes or bloopers. We know that it is really a tough thing to make a movie, and no body has took it so perfectly till date. Leaving some, there are mistakes in almost all the genre.
‌This time taking Jolly LLB 2 in the limelight, the movie is undoubtedly good , but it has also got various mistakes which may or may not be noticed by most of you. Let’s find out.
‌* In the movie, we have been given Jolly LLB’s mobile number, written at the back of his scooter. In India there should be a total of 10 digits that substitute a mobile number but on the other hand, only 9 digits are shown in Jolly LLB’s mobile number.

‌* Another mistake is that when Akshay Kumar was saying answers to the board question papers, infront of policemen which is not allowed.

‌* There is a moment when that girl in yellow  suit always comes and talks about Jolly LLB  2. Is it understood?

‌*Then there is an turban tied person, probably a Sikh who was not a judge as he was not having any degree still sitting on that position. Is it possible to fight a case without having a degree or being a judge?

‌* Another mistake is when he is not allowed to enter in his own house, he is asking for ladder from the girl living opposite to his house. Do we generally come across such situation in real life?

*Jolly’s wife Pushpa (Huma Qureshi), was drinking whiskey and Jolly was saying her that find any man in the world who will make her wife drink alcohol. What is this? Which husband will ask his wife to drink alcohol ?

‌* Another blunder is there, when Jolly goes to a person and ask him for becoming lawyer, the man asked Jolly to give him 2 lakhs and he will make him a lawyer. Is it so simple to become a lawyer? No degree needed !
‌* when Jolly told Hina( Sayani Gupta) about 2 lakh rupees, she responded that she will bring it from anywhere. From where will you bring it.Please let us know. We also want money, if you could help us .. LOL 😜

‌In the next scene, she was criticising JOLLY for asking money from her and not from any one else. If you are that much intelligent, then why you agreed to pay money.

‌* Then it was the moment when a reputed lawyer is shouting at his senior who is actually 30 years elder to him and is an old man. Do you actually do this?
* Then , a scene is shown where Rahim got bail ,despite of the fact that he is a very big convict. Don’t know how!

‌* The part of Sunderlal Tripathi is also very humorous. Playing the character of a judge and doing funny things. God knows, if such judges exists in real.

* Most funniest thing, judge Sunderlal Tripathi is unable to read properly, then also he is a judge. From which university he got this degree?

*Jolly’s wife beat the two men, Pushpa did that work which Jolly was unable to, what a powerful lady 👏.
These are some of the mistakes that is seen in the movie. Surely there are many. But ignoring these mistakes, I am sure that you must have liked the movie. The movie is great.

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