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15 Reasons Why I’ll Never Find My Soulmate Because Shahid Kapoor Is Already Taken!

ShahidShahid Kapoor is a dream come true. PERIOD. Okay, if you insist, I think Shasha and his transformation from a guy-next-door to guy you would like to be with behind doors, is one for the books. I mean, do you remember the number of hearts he broke when he decided to take the plunge and get married? Well, and I say this from personal experience, just the fact that the national heartthrob was off the market, took some time to sink in.
But hey, we can still gush over him, right? No, his Instagram? Thought so. What are we waiting for then, Christmas?

Here’s why Shahid Kapoor is the man who has spoilt other men for us.

1. Because his mornings look like this!

2. And this is his bed face! Oh, man…

3. Try justifying hangin’ there like this. I’ll wait!

4. Or this for that matter! 

5. Or the fact that he stands on a body like this! 

6. That’s a dad-bod BTW!

7. Did I tell you, Kohl agrees with him!  

8. Oh, the moves… does he even have a bone behind all that abs!?

9. He is his director’s actor!

10. He believes in, ‘have it, flaunt it.’

11. He doesn’t mind dropping the glare and goofing around!

12. Or posting embarrassing throwback pictures!

13. He is funny AF!

14. But, most importantly the man knows how to treat his lady. 

15. And is a proud doting dad, introducing his baby.

Well, if you need more head out to @ShahidKapoor. Until then, be my guest. 😉

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