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2 DU Girls Gave An EPIC Reason To Their Warden For A Night Out And It’s Giving Us The Feels

In our predominantly conservative nation, girls staying out late at night are judged almost immediately. “Nice girls come home early, only the bad ones stay out late,” such is the consensus. Due to such a narrow mindset, college hostels tend to have strict curfew times for girls. Basically, late nights for girls are a strict ‘no no’.

However, two girls from Delhi University, Preeti and Aditi, actually dared to ask their hostel warden for permission to stay out late. In fact, they sought permission through a very formally drafted letter. And the reason they gave is just brilliant!

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Kaveri Hostel
16 Feb 2017
Respected ma’am,
Subject: Late Night
We are both a little stressed and disappointed with our academic lives. Kindly allow us a late night for today 16.02.2017 so we can destress a little after a bad experience with our dissertation presentation.
Thank you.
Preeti (315)
Aditi (315)

What’s more, the girls were actually granted permission!

Here’s the original letter posted on Facebook by ‘Pinjra Tod: Break The Hostel Locks‘:

It’s great that these girls got permission to stay out late on the back of their brutally honest letter. However, it’s ridiculous that educated adults are having to ask for permission to stay out late in the first place. Our society needs to acknowledge that every woman has the freedom to live her life on her own terms. Her intention to party until late does not make her a spoilt brat, problem child or a bad influence. It’s high time we stop making such unfounded associations.

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