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30 Fun And Witty ‘How-To’ Comics That Will Make You Question The Way You Do Things

The internet has been a boon for us all. A holy grail of all the knowledge in the world, it helps you in tricky situations by being a know-all. Whatever query you may have, the internet has an answer ready. But what if it decides to answer your queries the ‘fun-way’ instead?
Illustrator Sanesparza has come up with a brilliant ‘how-to’ series of comics that’ll teach you how you do things with a hilarious twist. Check them out.

1. Every. Single. Night

2. Best advice ever

3. I’ll do it later

4. But what if you are a baby?

5. Yeah, I can relate to this

6. Never thought about it, huh?

7. Headphones on, world off

8. Living the dream

9. Singles near Valentine’s day be like

10. Can’t argue that

11. Man’s best friend 

12. That’s where the credits will roll

13. Every day is the best day when you’re a dog

14. Damn, that future is ripped AF!

15. Sheldon approves this

16. Story of my life

17. Smooth AF!

18. Them cavemen must’ve made some dank memes

19. 100% relatable

20. Nope, back to sleep

21. It is a trap

22. Valar Morghulis

23. Dem feels

24. Being Spiderman ain’t easy

25. Recipe for a cranky morning

26. The apocalypse is here

27. Oh, she’ll be here any minute now

28. It is actually not that difficult

29. As a wise man once said, it is not as easy as it sounds

30. Goodbye, cruel world

Can’t stop laughing, right?
H/T: Boredpanda

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