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4th Day Of The Ghazi Attack V/S 11th Day Of Jolly LLB 2 ! Finally Ghazi Attack Gets Good Response!

Jolly LLB 2 is strong at the Box Office even now! The superb storyline plus the wonderfully essayed courtroom drama is something which is winning the hearts of the viewers. It is in its 2nd week now, but the numbers seem to be really good. Since it is an Akshay Kumar starrer, people expected that it will enter the 100 crores club and yes, it is surely going to do so very soon.

On the other hand, The Ghazi Attack which hit the big screens on Friday is enjoying a good mouth publicity. It has shown a good stability at the Box Office; may be because of its “Underwater” element.
Let’s check out the collections of both the movies….

Jolly LLB 2!

 [Week 2] Fri 4.14 cr, Sat 6.35 cr, Sun 7.24 cr, Mon 2.48 cr. Total: ₹ 97.92 cr. India biz.

Jolly LLB 2 is doing a great business even on the 11th day; collections have dropped, considering it was a Monday, but overall, the stability factor is appreciated. On Monday, the film minted 2.48 crores bringing the total to 97.92 crores, making it just 3 crores away from the BIG 100 CRORES CLUB. There are 99 percent chances that it might enter the club on Tuesday itself since it’s a voting holiday.

Day 1 – ₹ 13.20 crores
Day 2 – ₹ 17.31 crores
Day 3 – ₹ 19.95 crores
Day 4 – ₹ 7.26 crores
Day 5 – ₹ 9.07 crores
Day 6 – ₹ 5.89 crores
Day 7 – ₹ 5.03 crores
Day 8 – ₹ 4.14 crores
Day 9 – ₹ 6.35 crores
Day 10 – ₹ 7.24 crores
Day 11 – ₹ 2.48 crores
Total – ₹ 97.92 crores

The Ghazi attack!

 - All versions: Fri 4.25 cr, Sat 5.25 cr, Sun 6.25 cr, Mon 3.65 cr. Total: ₹ 19.40 cr.

 remains STEADY on Mon... Fri 1.65 cr, Sat 2.25 cr, Sun 2.80 cr, Mon 1.55 cr. Total: ₹ 8.25 cr... Note: Hindi version.

On the other hand, The Ghazi Attack has got positive word of mouth from audience, which is why the Monday collections (All versions) have increased. The movie minted 3.65 crores (All versions) bringing the total to 19.40 crores. On the other hand, the Monday collection of Hindi version of the movie is 1.55 crores, taking the total figure to 8.25 crores.
Day 1 – 4.25 crores
Day 2 – 5.25 crores
Day 3 – 6.25 crores
Day 4 – 3.65 crores
Total – 19.40 crores
If we compare both the movies, we can notice that The Ghazi Attack has earned better than Jolly LLB 2 on Monday; however, there is a difference because Jolly LLB 2 is in the 2nd week while The Ghazi Attack is still in its first week.
How much do you think will the movies earn on Tuesday? Do share in our comments section below.

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