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5 Indian Places Where Indians Are Banned!

Certain places allow certain people. What if you are banned from a certain place in your own country? How does that feel?
There is a great chance of feeling discriminated. Even after 70 years of independence, we are laid back to such things. Here are 5 of the famous places in India where Indians are not allowed.

1. Free Kasol Cafe.

A cafe in Kasol is the most shocking thing to add in this list. Though, Kasol is beloved to Indians and foreigners for its laid back and chill nature. But, this cafe is exclusively for foreigners. They allow entry to the cafe only after looking at your passport.

2. Uno- In Hotel.

Uno-In hotel was a Japanese hotel in Bangalore. It restricts entry to any Indian visitor. But, soon after the government noticed, the hotel was shot down on the grounds of racial discrimination.

3. Foreigner only Shacks in Goa.

There are many shacks in Goa which do not allow Indians. They serve only foreign tourists. Many beaches are exclusive to foreigners too. The owners give a controversial reason every time. They say that they are trying to save the foreign culture of beaches from Indian lusty gazes. But, it seems more like discrimination, doesn’t it?

4. A hotel in Chennai.

The hotel name is not disclosed. But, the owner of the hotel was a Nawab. On the contrary, the hotel serves only to people with a foreign passport. It seems that Indians should stay away from this place. Even if they allow entry to it. Such crude discrimination for no reason.

5. Foreigner only beaches in Pondicherry.

There are beaches in Pondicherry which allow only foreign tourists. Pondicherry is the best getaway after Goa. It is a beauty of the Italian and French architecture. But most Indians cannot be near it.
Are we really not good company for the foreigners? Or is it just another form of discrimination against us Indians? What your opinion is about this is all that matters.

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