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’50 Shades Of Grey’ Goes Wrong – Model Kills Husband During A Raunchy Sex Session In Bedroom

BDSM may make very exciting ‘literature’ and erotica, but in real life, it is nothing but dangerous.
Former Miss Bulgaria, Anita Meyzer and her husband were having a steamy intimate session of lovemaking when they decided to take it one step further.

As a part of her sexual fantasy, Anita tied plastic around her husband’s arms, legs, and neck. She also wanted to film all of this.

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You have to remember that none of this is illegal in the privacy of a home.

But things went to hell when the husband started to free himself from the bondage. As he tried to loosen the plastic around his neck, it only got tighter.

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And by the time he struggled more, he ended up strangling himself to death because the noose around his neck was too tight.
But where was Anita, the wife?

Anita claims that she went to the store to buy something and by the time she came back, she found her husband dead. She tried to destroy evidence and even tried to bribe the police officers to let her go free!

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The police described the scene of the crime as very disturbing and even found a bag full of cash and passport belonging to Anita. They have arrested Anita for murder.
Anita has taken full responsibility for the incident and said that she felt sorry for the incident.
She also regrets the whole incident as it has taken away her love.
Let’s keep BDSM inside erotica, people. It’s harmful in the bedroom and sometimes, even lethal.
News Source – The Times Of India

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