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7 Everyday Things That You Have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

Could you imagine that things you have been doing all your life without even thinking could be wrong? Things that we do daily becomes our habit. They seem right to you. What if, we tell you that the way you were doing them is actually wrong? Here are 7 everyday things that you have been doing wrong all your life.

1. Holding a wine glass

You might b e holding a wine glass wrong all your life. Don’t use your palm to hold the glass. Instead, just use your fingers to pinch the glass. And that’s it. Isn’t easy?

2. Using a bobby pin

To capture a larger portion of your hair, make sure the wavy part of the pin is pointed inwards.

3. Using headphones

Most of us use our headphones in wrong way.

4. Cut watermelon like a pro

Follow the steps in the picture to cut a watermelon. this will help to retain the juice.

5. Eat pan cakes sandwich style

You might find it complicated to eat a pan cake this way. But believe us this is the right way to eat a pan cake.

6. How to cross out words?

Do not cut the words. It will make it look clumsy. Rather superimpose your words with other words.

7. How to hold a pan?

You might be holding pan the wrong way. But this is how a pan is supposed to be held.
These were some of the everyday things that we have doing wrong our life. But now as you know how to do them correctly,  why not change our habits?

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