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7 skills you should have to get a job at Google, Apple, or Microsoft

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Time to start learning. Apple CEO Tim Cook, is pictured.
You'll need a very particular set of skills if you want to get a job at some of the most competitive tech companies out there .
Just look at the data compiled by job site Paysa . The site has reviewed tens of millions of resumes, provided by a combination of Paysa's partners, recruiters, and users.
Paysa took a closer look at the resumes of people who work at Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to get a sense of what skills those employees had in common.
All three companies made Business Insider's list of the best places to work in America . Microsoft employs 120,849 people ; Apple's workforce weighs in at over 100,000 people ; and Alphabet (Google's parent company) has 61,000 employees .
If you want to join any of those workforces, it definitely helps to know what they're looking for.
Paysa compiled a list of in-demand skills, in the four fields within tech that employ the most people.
Here's what you need to compete for a job with som of the biggest players in tech:

Designers should know:

Designers should know:
1. User interface design
2. Graphic design
3. Web design
4. Photoshop
5. Illustrator
6. Information architecture
7. Art direction

Engineers should know:

Engineers should know:
1. c++/c/c#
2. Java
3. Software development
4. Python
5. Javascript
6. Agile methodologies
7. SQL

Product managers should know:

Product managers should know:
1. Project management
2. Leadership
3. Customer service
4. Strategy
5. Cloud computing
6. Product marketing
7. Enterprise software

Data scientists should know:

Data scientists should know:
1. Data analysis
2. SQL
3. Project management
4. Machine learning
5. Data mining
6. Business analysis
7. Python

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