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A Coolie’s Son Made It To Rs. 3 Crores In IPL

Nothing can comforts more than reading or hearing an inspirational story, especially the rags to riches stories which are always motivational. These inspiring stories are in great demand nowadays. We must have seen autowallas, sweepers, grocers, etc struggling hard to ensure that their daughters/sons can get proper education. Our cricketers are also in the same race. These struggles are very common among them. Considering our former Indian Cricket Captain M.S Dhoni’s life, which has changed its track from poverty to fame and you must be highly inspired by him.
Reaching at the heights of success is not an easy task. Intense hardwork, struggles, and constant efforts is all that is required to achieve success. This is what happens exactly with the left arm fast bowler from Tamil Nadu team, Thangarasu Natarajan. Not so common, rags to riches story, his story is one of the most inspiring story. It motivates every other person. If you are an emotional chick, it might be possible that  after reading his story, tears might roll down your cheeks.
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IPL auction in Bangalore took place today and to a surprise Natarajan was sold to Kings Xl Punjab for an amount of Rs 3 crores. The first question that raises in your mind ” so what”?, Isn’t ! But here his story makes a huge difference because his family might have not even dreamt of a lakh or two, few years back. The living conditions of his family was very poor, leading a very down to earth life. Although his base price was just Rs. 10 lakhs, but he got sold for 30 times the price.
Let’s excavate his past deeply.
Born in a very poor family, Natarajan asperity were also common for his family. His dad works as a cookie at a railway station and earning a very small amount of Rs, 500 per day.e. Rs 15,000 a month. On the other hand, his mom sells meat at a stall. They come from Salem and really struggled hard to survive and fulfill their basic needs. He was the eldest of 5 siblings and so had loads of responsibilities on his shoulders and had no option to run away from those responsibilities.
Origin :
Natarajan always loved to play cricket and enjoy it to the extreme.He had the wonderful hobby of making collection of cups, like other players. To a surprising note, he had won many cups by playing cricket with ” tennis ball” , when he was in village. He didn’t want to reveal this infront of his parents so , he carried on with whatever he got.
Natarajan used to play the game just for fun. Nobody has ever imagined that his fun would make him sold for Rs,3 crores. Natarajan had never dreamed of becoming a professional cricketer, not even seen a cricket ground ever in his life.
How his life changed?
Natarajan’s love for cricket highlighted when A Jayaprakash, a cricketer from the 4th division of Chennai, noticed him. He felt so elated on seeing his performances that he took Natarajan under him. Jayaprakash however managed to take Natarajan’s complete responsibility and talked about his parents and convinced them how much he is into cricket. After this Natarajan along with Jayaprakash came to Chennai and stayed in his club.
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His milespost :
He played for TNCA I.e. Tamil Nadu Cricket Association’s 4th division and represented BSNL in the year 2010-2011.
He played for the 1st division league of TNCA and then for Vijay in the year 2012-2013.
Source : Sportskeeda
He also played for Jolly Rovers and fielded for Murali Vijay and R Ashwin in the year 2014.
Then , he made Ranji debut at Eden Gardens against Bengal in the year 2016.
Everything was running smoothly until he met with a bad phase in his life. He was reported for a suspect action by someone, which was resolved and again maintained a fast pace.
Bowling 6 Yorkers in a super-over in the Tamil Nadu Premier League, played against Tuti Patriots, he won everyone’s heart and increased his fan following.
Known as an integral part of bowling department, T Natarajan sets a wonderful example infront of every person. Imagine the level of his hard work and the efforts he made to reach at such a level, one of the most renowned bowlers. Hats off to this person. God bless him.

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