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According To A New Research, Planet Earth Might Get Its 8th Continent In The Near Future

When I was a kid, Geography was not my strongest suit. It took me days to learn that there are seven continents in the world (six technically, but let’s not go there). But kids like me in the future might have a little more difficulty in remembering the names of all the continents because guess what, the scientists have found another one.

According to a recent study, there exists another continent on our planet named ‘Zealandia’. With an area of 4.9 million square kilometres, it is the smallest continent of the world.

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The region consists of modern day nation of New Zealand and the French collectivity of New Caledonia.

The research, carried out by 11 geologists says that the continent has been hiding in plain sight for millions of years. Containing New Zealand and New Caledonia, it is also the thinnest continent with 94% of it submerged in water.

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According to the research, Zealandia ticks all four boxes of the attributes necessary to be classified as a continent.

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The four attributes are:
    • High elevation relative to regions floored by oceanic crust.
    • Presence of three types of rocks (igneous, or volcanic; metamorphic, or created by heat and pressure; and sedimentary, or created by erosion).
    • A thicker, less dense crust than the surrounding ocean floor.
    • An area large enough to distinguish it from the category of microcontinent.
Seems like Geography books may get an update soon.
You can read the research paper here.
News Source: Daily Mail

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