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After The Slap Incident Karan Kundra Removed As Roadie Judge. This Person Will Replace Him.

From the past few days, Karan Kundra has become Controversies’ favorite child. Recently, the TV actor was in news after slapping contestant. Karan Kundra slapped a contestant during the Roadies auditions. The actor asked the contestant if he has ever raised his hand on his sister. When the contestant gave a positive reply, Karan lost his cool and ended up slapping the contestant.
Reason behind Karan’s replacement
It’s not the first time when Misbehaviour of judges has come in news. It’s almost like a Roadies tradition to insult the contestants who come for the audition. But this time Karan crossed his limits by raising his hand on the contestant. However, it looks like finally the action has been taken. Karan has been removed from the show and has been replaced by the MTV VJ.
Watch the video here

Earlier it seemed like all this drama was created for Trp. But it is evident from the replacement that channel has taken the matter seriously.
Popular VJ Nikhil Chinapa replaced Karan Kundra
After judging the show for 2 consecutive years, the popular TV actor has ben removed. But Roadies fans need not be disappointed as the new judge is no less than Karan Kundra. It is none other than Nikhil Chinapa. Nikhil has been associated with MTV for a long time.
Well! It’s been said that he has been replaced due to the slap incident. However, it is difficult to believe in it as earlier also similar incidents have been witnessed on the show. If reports are to be believed due to the clash of Karan’s schedules, he has been replaced by Nikhil Chinapa.
Whatever be the reason, it would be interesting for the viewers to see Nikhil as a judge. Besides Nikhil, Ranvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia, Harbhajan Singh, Prince Narula will also be the gang leaders.

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