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BB Contestant Nitibha Posted A Pic On Instagram! Fans Mercilessly Trolled Her & Reason Is Manveer

Love Bigg Boss or hate it, you just can’t deny the essential fact that the reality show gives its contestants immense fame and a huge fan following, no matter whether they are commoners or celebrities.
Recently, a commoner Manveer Gurjar took the trophy home of the 10th season and needless to say, his life has changed to a great extent after BB10. Not only Manveer but other commoners also got name and fame and now they have many fans who wait to hear from them!
Two contestants who were very friendly inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, i.e., Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar, were loved by fans to such an extent that the fans treated them as couples and #NitiVeer trended all over social media networks.
Some hardcore fans were so passionate about them that they started calling Nitibha “bhabhi” and even commented about how good they were feeling about their relationship. They both didn’t confirm anything about their relationship status; however, they were seen together, spending quality time, after the show as well.

Nevertheless, since past one month, they haven’t been seen together. Obviously, it is not compulsory for them to spend time together just to make their fans happy. What’s more, they have their own lives and the full freedom to live it their own way. However, their fans don’t think in the same manner.
Source: Instagram
When Nitibha uploaded an image of herself on Instagram yesterday, she received many messages asking why she is not meeting Manveer.
Some went on to ask as to why she is hurting their emotions by not meeting Manveer and how she can live normally without him. WTF!
Nitibha did the sensible thing of ignoring the trolls but also said that there is no need for her to defend herself.
Absolutely correct Nitibha; it is your life; live it your way and all those who are worried about Nitibha and Manveer, we can just say that there are many other things to worry about, so just leave them alone.

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