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Blind T20 World Champions To Come Next On Kapil Sharma Show

With the perfect comic timings and witty skits, Kapil Sharma show has been entertaining the public. Undoubtedly Kapil Sharma is the most popular comedy show on the Indian television. Over the time, Kapil has been experimenting with the show.
This time Kapil has invited Blind T20 world champions on the Kapil Sharma show. They are all set to rock the show like they did on the pitch.

India’s blind team defeated Pakistan by 9 wickets, winning the T20 Blind World Cup 2017 title.

After this grand victory over Pakistan, Kapil invited the champions on the show. Kapil Sharma show has not just stuck to Bollywood celebrities. But they have guests from all the fields. Earlier famous cricketer Harbhajan Singh, Virat Kohli and Badminton champion Saina Nehwal has come on the show.
Indian Express
In the past, Kapil Sharma show also welcomed the Indian hockey team that won the Indian kabaddi cup in 2016. Yoga guru Ramdev baba and social activist Anna Hazare were also invited.
Kapil and his always team keep on reinventing the show. It will be more entertaining for the viewers to know India’s blind team. Viewers will get to know some of the very interesting facts about the team.
It’s great to see a television show to break the television stereotype and honor the champions.

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