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Burberry Mistook Riz Ahmed For Dev Patel At BAFTA 2017 And Twitter Got REALLY Nasty!

Riz Ahmed and Dev PatelOk! So, it was big night for Dev Patel at the 70th British Academy Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards on February 12th and he even bagged the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Lion’. Happy news, right?
Happy for Dev, but not-so-happy for fashion brand he was donning – Burberry. Well, there was a teenie-tiny bit of confusion the guys over at Burberry’s social media handles were battling with.

Instead of Dev’s, they by mistake put up ‘The Night Of’ star Riz Ahmed’s photo while congratulating Patel for the win. 🙈

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They quickly realised the gaffe and rectified their mistake while using correct image of Dev.

Celebrating the  in London this evening, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Winner  wears a @Burberry custom made navy tuxedo

And, of Riz correctly.

It so happened that both the dapper British stars were wearing Burberry suits and hence, the mix-up.
But the damage was already done and Tweeple didn’t let go of the opportunity to rub the mistake in Burberry’s face.

1. That sarcasm, there!

2. Our thoughts exactly.

3. They both are well-known in the media.

Burberry just confused @RizMC for Dev Patel because all brown people look the same? This is why we need to diversify our media.

4. Haha! This comic nailed it!

Bloody loved Dev Patel in  and also loved @rizmc in . Both amazing Sri Lankan actors. 👏🏻@Burberry

5. We can only imagine the confusion.

6. A valid point.

So @Burberry can't tell two brown people apart. Hint. That's not Dev Patel, but you custom made his suit so you should know  https://twitter.com/WritersofColour/status/830916045028327424 

7. Stereotyping tuxes, too!

8. She is tired? Now, I am confused.


9. This guy gave himself an award.

10. The request for apology.

Will the people over at Burberry apologise?
If this blows out of proportion any further then someone’s getting sacked!

Aren’t the two hotties looking extremely sharp? 😍

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