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Chinese Mall Replaced Escalator With Slide & Watching The Result, You’ll Wish If It Were In India

Shopping can be adventurous too if you shop in this mall of Chongqing city, which lies in Southwestern China. Here, if a customer has to go to the ground floor from the fourth floor, he/she doesn’t need to use the escalator because a huge spiral slide has been installed for this purpose.

The slide is transparent, 46 metres long and 16 metres high, and it takes just 12 seconds in transporting a customer from the fourth floor to the ground floor.
Few shoppers were shot while using this slide and they had the experience of a lifetime. A young woman, after taking the ride, said, “I felt very excited.”
Keeping in mind the safety of customers, they are sent down the slide, sitting on a padded mat.

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Children of less than three years of age are not allowed in the slide. This type of slide was installed in a mall in Shanghai city earlier and it was higher than this one.
Well, I am sure after watching it, you must be thinking when we are going to see this in India!
Image Source: Twitter

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