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Couples who met on-set & stayed together

It's Hollywood. When you're a beautiful person getting paid to make out with an equally beautiful person, chances are at some point, you're going to get smitten. These stars all met on-set and are still together to this day, giving hope to everyone who's ever had a crush on a coworker.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Before there was Live! With Kelly, there was All My Children. Mark Consuelos starred as Mateo Santos on the long-running ABC soap, with Kelly Ripa playing his love interest, Hayley Vaughn. The couple have been together for more than two decades off-screen, and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in April 2016. The couple are also parents to three children. It's not quite as dramatic as a real-life soap opera, but it's just as romantic and adorable to witness.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston moved on from ex Brad Pitt in a big way when she met Justin Theroux on the set of Wanderlust in 2011. The pair got engaged in 2012 after 18 months of dating, but the couple took their time with actually getting married: they didn't tie the knot until August 2015. When asked what makes their marriage work, Theroux explained to Entertainment Tonight, "We appreciate each other's sense of humor, we respect one another and we get along. I know it sounds simple but it's true!"

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