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Dev Patel’s Mom Was His Date For The Oscars And Internet Can’t Stop Loving Him For That

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 89th Academy Awards for ‘Lion’, Dev Patel made a suave appearance in a white Burberry tuxedo at the award show. And, we need to talk more about his red carpet date.

Dev, walked in with none other than his mom Anita Patel, looking dapper AF.

Like an adarsh beta, Dev got Mommie Patel in tow and posed for the paps. Seeing the utterly sweet gesture, Tweeple lost their shit over Dev.

He even adjusted munchkin Sunny Pawar’s suit.

Dev Patel fixing Sunny Pawar's little suit is the best thing you'll see today
P.S. They are big time crushing on his, more than ever.

Take a look at the reactions.

1. Exactly us!

2. This apt caption.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Dev Patel and his mum; oil on canvas, created by god himself 

3. Errmmm! 🙈

4. And, yes! Mrs Patel was indeed the best dressed lady on the red carpet.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Dev Patel's mom for Best Dressed Female at the , please and thank you 🙏🏼

5. Indeed, it is!

Dev Patel bringing his mom to the Oscars is MOOD

6. Ok! That’s intense.

Every time the camera flashes to Dev Patel I go into brief cardiac arrest 

7. Oh, that expression!

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Dev Patel reaction to Sunny Pawar, I have never see anything so pure 

8. Some backstage fun!

9. Oh, yeah!

10. We’d like that!

 in that white suit jacket & killer mustache is making us think he'd be a good villian in a superhero flick! 😍😍 

11. That marriage proposal!

If  is looking to settle down, he needs to hit me up 

12. And, then came some bromance into the scene.

13. Brown angel? 😁

Dev Patel looking like the little brown angel he is 😍😍😍

14. That’s the plan.

Get you someone who looks at you the way Dev Patel looks at Andrew Garfield.

15. Innumerable!

How many ovaries exploded when Dev Patel picked up his costar and told him he'd done a good job?

16. Hot damn!

Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield are the cutest
rt to bless someone's timeline

17. That bromance level is prime!

18. We are really screaming.

19. Nor can we!

i cant stop thinking about that photoset of dev patel and andrew garfield

20. Awwsome! The way he looks at his mom 😍

Though Dev lost it to Mahershala Ali, he won sooo many hearts!

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