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Girl Kisses Random Guy On The Road & Runs Away! How Others React Is Hilariously Funny!

Pranks are very common these days; they induce a fun element. However, at times, these same pranks are like a JACKPOT. Yes, some of them are so interesting that you want them to happen again and again. What if you are walking on the street and a girl comes there randomly just to kiss you?
Won’t you feel awkward? Definitely, you will right? But at the same time, there will be some guys who will enjoy this pleasurable act and yearn for more.
Funk You has come up with a wonderful prank in which a girl kisses a random guy on the road and runs away. This happens not once or twice but multiple times and for other people on the road, this is indeed very embarrassing.
Watch the video below and have a hilarious laughter ride, LOL!

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So guys, wasn’t it funny and exciting? Would you like to try this prank with your best friend? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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