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Got Ditched By Boyfriend When He Came To Know About Her Skin Problem Is Now An Inspiration For All Of Us

Every person has a side they don’t read out loud and every person has a face they don’t show to everyone. By face, we mean literally. There are many people in this world who think they are ugly just after being judged by a few. They are demoralized and afraid to show their real selves even to their closed ones.
We all have something which we hide from the outer world. What we don’t realize is that revealing it will only make us stronger and more confident. Sophia Ridlington – one such girl from the United Kingdom hid her skin problem from her boyfriend. And as soon as he saw her without makeup, he broke up with her!

Soon after that she posted this photo of herself on Instagram and revealed her skin condition. The response she is getting will shock you!

Sophia suffers from psoriasis which has developed red crusts on her complete body including face. Explaining her condition she said, “My skin often cracks and bleeds, which causes me so much pain. Now I’ve learned how to cover my face properly. I love doing makeup and it gives me something to focus on.”
Talking about her ex she said, “My boyfriend didn’t stick by me and it broke my heart at the time; he didn’t appreciate me for who I was. I used to wear long sleeves or long trousers every single time I left the house. It’s very difficult to have people staring at you as if you’re different to them.”

Sophia then got herself enrolled for cosmetology in order to become a professional makeup artist.
She said, “I hope to encourage people in a similar position to be comfortable with their psoriasis. I’ve already received so much support from social media and people in a similar position always ask me how I cope thought it.”
Now she often posts her pictures without makeup also. Sophia is more confident about herself than ever. She is a true inspiration!

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