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Guy Asked Girl For Nudes, What She Replied Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

The Internet has made it very easy for people to chat with random people. One can create a Facebook or Instagram account very easily in a few steps and send requests to people. This has made the idea of making new friends very easy. Just log in to your account and start chatting with who you want to.
But there is a backlash to everything. The Internet has not only reduced the difficulty in connecting with people worldwide, but it has also made an easier path for the stalkers. Hiding behind a name, stalkers can message random people and misuse their profiles.
They can not only steal your identity but can also misuse your photos. Many suicidal cases relating to it have been reported so far.
If you too ever come across such a person on the internet who you don’t know, never trust that he or she is real. Just like Angel Priya, there are also many other angels out there who will make you believe that they are real and will steal your identity. You should always aware of this fact.
We are not just talking about identity-stealing but also about the random people who harras girls on social media. Random people can also be well-mannered but most of the times they are some ill-mannered creepy stalkers who enjoy insulting other people and mostly girls. They don’t know how to behave and are very disrespectful.
This article features screenshots of one such incident. In this conversation, a guy named Alex Kent texted a random girl and asked for her nude pictures. What she replied was really funny and humorous. We really appreciate her wittiness and how she maintained her temper. This was indeed a perfect reply to such stalkers who think they can get what they want.

Check out the conversation here:

People like him who think girls will strip for them anytime and anywhere they like, deserve such replies. He deserved this throw on his face. Other girls out there, if you too are facing any problem like this we advise you to insult such guys in this very manner and hence shut their dirty mouth.
Instead of sending her real body parts, she trolled him with photos of chicken legs and sauces. We applause her humorful reply and the way she treated such creep. Check more of the conversation out here:
It is very disrespectful of people to treat unknown girls like that. There is no harm or problem in talking to strangers. But treating them in such a manner and showing your dirty side is really annoying. Social media was only built to make friends worldwide and reduce the communication gap. And doing things like this will put harm on your image only.

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