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Her Boyfriend Left Her When He Saw Her Without Makeup & Now She’s An Inspiration For All Of Us

We all have something which we want to hide from the outer world and just wish to keep it to ourselves but most of the time, revealing it to the world  makes us stronger and more confident. Agree?

Sophia Ridlington from the United Kingdom hid her true skin condition from her boyfriend using makeup but as he saw her without makeup, he broke up with her.
Then she clicked this image of herself and posted it on Instagram to reveal her condition to the whole world and the response she is getting is just shocking.
Sophia is suffering from psoriasis because of which red crusts are developing on her complete body, including her face. Her skin gets cracked which pains a lot as Sophia tells,

“My skin often cracks and bleeds, which causes me so much pain. Now I’ve learned how to cover my face properly. I love doing my makeup and it gives me something to focus on.”
Sophia accepts that when she wears makeup, nobody can say that there is some problem with her skin but she wants everyone to know that what they see through their eyes is not always the truth.
Talking about her ex-boyfriend, she says,
“My ex-boyfriend didn’t stick by me and it broke my heart at the time; he didn’t appreciate me for who I was. I used to wear long sleeves or long trousers every single time I left the house. It’s very difficult to have people staring at you as if you’re different to them.”
Sophia then got herself enrolled for the course of cosmetology in order to become a professional makeup artist. Now she is more confident about herself than she used to be in her teenage. She keeps on posting images of her face without makeup just to inspire people to become bold and confident about their problems.
In her words,
“I hope to encourage people in a similar position to be comfortable with their psoriasis. I’ve already received so much support on social media and people in a similar position always ask me how I cope through it.”
Sophia is an inspiration for everyone and we request you to share her story to help others.
All Images Are Sourced From Mumbai Mirror & Dainik Bhaskar

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