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How This Guy Helped An Old Woman Starving At The Roadside For 2 Months Deserves Our Respect

How often does it happen that we go to a restaurant and by the time our stomachs are full, there is something or the other that is left over? Even at home, how many of us really finish all that we take in our plates? And the sad part is, we don’t even think twice before throwing all that left over in the dustbin.
According to a Govt. report in 2016, India wastes up to 67 million tonnes of food every year! You get the scale now, 67 million tonnes! Such mammoth amount of food can feed Bihar for an entire year! On one side, there are shocking stats and on the other, there are stories of people who go unfed for days in a row! What are we doing?

Charan Prasad, a youth from Vizianagaram is like a hero for the needy. He got a phone call from an anonymous number which informed him about this frail, old lady who hadn’t eaten anything since 2 months!

Charan with his companions rushed to the place and fed the old lady immediately.

After feeding her, they took her to a Government hospital for treatment.

You can read the entire Facebook post here.

This young man is helping people in his own little way. We should all take something from this wonderful person and try to do our bit towards the society. Let’s pledge against any more food wastage!

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