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Meet Travers Beynon, The Most Hated Guy On Instagram

Meet Travers Beynon, the most hated man on Instagram. He calls himself ‘the Candyman’ and runs the Instagram account as  ‘candyshopmansion’.
Instagram is definitely an amazing place to share pics. One can follow their favorite celebrities and see their latest pics. You get to see some of the amazing pics from people all across the world. But on the other side, you have to deal with some narcissist. We agree that all of us likes to show off sometimes. But, there is a fine line between sharing a selfie or being a douche.
Dan Bilzerian, the miollionaire was recently in news over the questionable source of his money. If you think he is the most hated, then let us introduce you to Travers Beynon. He is even more abhorrent.
Travers Beynon is an Australian millionaire and tobacco tycoon. He is setting the Instagram on fire. But with fire we mean the hatred. He is accused of objectifying women and disrespecting women.

He believes in this quote, “Be different, Be yourself…never let them change you!!!” Even if you are douche? Right ? He might have thousands of followers on Instagram but that isn’t the same as getting respect.

Have a look at his Instagram pics

Meet the owner of his candy mansion… Even this harmless creature looks better than him.
Someone, please tell him this little green pushbike, is only adding more touch to his douchey character.
Did you know that air circulation is more important than doors?

Well, it would be no shock if it’s the fantasy of many young boys but for us, his Instagram is hate worthy. Objectifying women and disrespecting them can never be considered as cool.

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