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Mobile World Congress 2017 is Here!

very year, as February becomes March, something special happens. More than 100,000 people, including journalists, consumers, and representatives from your favorite phone and accessory makers cross continents and oceans to come together and display their wares, announcing new handsets and technologies that set the tone for the year to come. And just as salmon return to their ancestral lakes year after year, the attendees always converge in the same place: Barcelona, Spain, a city known worldwide for its stunning architecture and objectively delicious food.
That’s right, it’s time once again for Mobile World Congress, the largest showcase of mobile technology on Earth. Last year, we saw the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the LG G5, VR headsets, accessories, and even cars. As for this year? We’re not exactly sure, but that’s what makes the show so exciting. We’ll be bringing you the news as it happens, taking everything with a pintxo salt, and giving you the scoop on what devices will be on tapa the world in 2017. Salut!

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