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Modi’s Surgical Strike On Hospitals! Govt Asks Hospital To Stock Stents At Capped Prices

After black money, Prime minister Narendra Modi has his eyes on the hospitals. Govt has begun cracking down on hospitals overcharging stents. During the crackdown, Govt has asked the hospitals to stock stents at capped prices. Moreover, there are plans to sent fake patients to the hospitals to check the compliance.
Ananth Kumar, the Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers, has warned the hospitals that overcharges. If any hospital overcharges, they will be prosecuted for the criminal offense.  Confirming this the minister said, “If we come across any such incident, we will first send a notice to the hospital. And then follow it up with criminal prosecution. We won’t hesitate to shut down the hospital if there is evidence of profiteering.”
On Friday, patients couldn’t get new stunts. On this, the hospitals gave the reason that the new stunts have to be relabeled with new prices. However, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) told that it’s not compulsory.
Vinita Thomas, joint commissioner of FDA for Greater Mumbai  joint  stated,
We have contacted the local distributors. And all major hospitals of the city. They told us that the ones that have been taken away are way too expensive to be offered at the price range fixed by the government. While the stakeholders are working out some solutions with the government, we will keep a check on hospitals. And ensure that there is no overcharging in the meantime.”
A Stent is a medical device placed in the canal or blood vessel to aid healing. Currently, they are priced between Rs15 lakh-2.5 lakh.
The Majority of the hospitals claimed that they have implemented the new prices. However, cardiac packages are likely to increase by 15-20%. “Everybody is watching what the others are doing. But costs of hospitalization, OT, consumables and other elements in an angioplasty package will see a surge,” said a senior administrator of one of the city’s leading hospitals.

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