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Mother With 2 Daughters Created Ruckus & Vandalized A Delhi Mobile Showroom! Video Went Viral

The situation became tense in a mobile showroom in Rajouri Garden on Feb 20 when a lady with her two daughters created chaos inside the showroom and even got in a physical scuffle with the employees.
As per the police, the lady is a resident of Madipur; she purchased a mobile from the showroom and her phone was insured. The address of the insurance company was in Janakpuri. When the mobile had some technical difficulty, the lady visited the address of the insurance company but there was no such office. Then she visited the showroom and started demanding a new mobile and this lead to an argument between her and the employees. When their demand was not fulfilled, they started quarreling with the employees and eventually, it led to physical fighting. The whole incident has been captured by someone and the cops have filed a case against the ladies.
Watch The Video:

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