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Mumbai: This Woman Who Earns Rs 18000 Per Month Owns A 5 Crore Bungalow And Expensive Cars

Police have learned that they should never underestimate a 12th pass girl. Last month police were shocked to discover that this 12th pass girl embezzled more than 16 crores. She did all this by misappropriating the accounts of the company. What’s came as more surprising to the police was when they discovered that she was a science stream student. She never studied accounts.
Meet  Vrushali Bamane, the woman who earns Rs 18000 per month. But beside this low-income she owns a 5 crore bungalow in Mumbai and many expensive cars too. Moreover,  she has even gifted some of the cars to his relatives. Vrushali even helps his husband.
The surprising element in her story is that she had studied science in her school. Later she became an accountant and that too without any training.
She worked as an assistant accountant at Mahalaxmi Rope Works in Fort, Mumbai. The company hired her for a monthly salary of Rs. 18,000.

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