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Neha Kakkar Struggled Really Hard To Make It To The Top. Read Her Story Here!

Neha Kakkar is the new signing sensation. She is extremely famous among youngsters. People admire her a lot. In fact she has a big fan following in India. But very few people know about her past life. Her past experiences are quite shocking. Neha Kakkar struggled hard in her life to reach the zenith of success. Even now she is working hard to maintain her stardom.
Neha is a determined woman who faced every difficult situation with courage and confidence. Like many other artists, she came to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams.
Not only her luck but her devotion towards her work, led her to climb the ladder of success at such an early age in her life.
Here are some astonishing facts of her life struggles which will fill you with awe!
She has suffered a lot in her childhood. Neha belongs to a poor middle-class family who could not even afford her studies. Just to make sure that there would be no obstacles in her studies, she attends many jagrans as a singer and earns money to fund her education.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Neha revealed such shocking facts of her life. Her fans were left dumbfounded at her revelations.She said that her father used to own a shop, selling samosas to people. Neha Kakkar struggled hard during her earlier days.She even said that she went to the jagran and sings for 10 hours continuously( from 7 pm to 5 am)irrespective of the weather.
Narrating those horrible past incidents, she said that her father used to sell samosa outside the school in which she studied. Conjuring up those days, she said that often her father had to bear offensive comments targeting his occupation. Once a child insolently said to him,”tu badi badi baatein mat kar, bahar jaakar samosa bech.”
Neha confessed that she was very hurt and cried all night. And then was the time she decided that she will make her life worth living. She will make her father proud.
That incident had a great effect upon her and the result was she worked really hard in her career and never looked back. Now she is one of the most successful singers in the Hindi film industry. She has given Bollywood its greatest hits of all times like Kaala Chashma, and many more

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