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Nokia Reveals The New Design Of Nokia 3310 And Its More Than You Expected

Long before iPhone and Androids, if you remember Nokia used to rule our hearts and minds. There was an iconic phone called Nokia 3310 which also known as the unbreakable phone.
You won’t believe it but the iconic 3310 is back and it looks just the same as the old Nokia 3310.
The phone is available in grey and blue as well as two fresh colors. Nokia 3310 is also available in orange and yellow now.
As for features, you will be very happy to know that Nokia 3310 has retained the awesome Snake Game for which it was known earlier as well. Battery life has been bumped up to 1200 mAH which means that the battery will last for days as there are no apps to waste battery on this phone.

 Got the old one still work's like a charm. Waiting for the new one to launch in India @nokia @geekyranjit@BeingSwami007

As for the price of Nokia 3310, it is expected to be close to Rupees 3500 which is very affordable for such a nostalgic phone. Are you willing to buy the Nokia 3310 at Rupees 3500?
We are certainly going to buy this phone for Rupees 3500 and will keep it forever because of it’s nostalgic value.

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Many times ghosts are loitering around us while we are not aware of ghosts or spirits being around us at all.
If we had actually been aware that a ghost or spirit is around us we would have been scared to death but since we do not know, we don’t get scared.
Many times naked eyes do not catch this happening but a camera does. So, we installed cameras at various places which caught many ghosts and holy spirits.
In this video, you will catch 6 instances of ghosts hanging around people, very close to people.

This video will definitely scare you.

So,next time you go out or even walk in the home, please be aware that a ghost could be very close to you. Beware Friends and share this news with your friends!

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