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Oscars Goofed Up The ‘Best Picture’ Winner And Twitter Went BERSERK Like Never Seen Before

Remember the 2015 Miss Universe event?
Remember the awkward moment when Steve Harvey became internet’s favourite meme because he accidently announced Ms Colombia as the winner when she was actually supposed to be the runner-up.
Guess what folks? It happened again.
And of all places, it happened at the Oscars, at the freakin’ Oscars!

Announcing the best movie of the year, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented ‘La La Land’ with the trophy when it was ‘Moonlight’ which was actually the winner.Image Source

The entire cast of ‘La La Land’ went on the stage to accept the award and they were in the middle of their acceptance speech when the clarification came.

Image Source

The second this goof-up happened, Twitter went berserk.

1. Happiest man on earth right now?

2. Probably, they should

I don't believe anything anymore. We have to redo the Grammys, the Super Bowl, the ELECTION! It's all rigged! 

3. Yes, yes, it is

This is the biggest plot twist I've witnessed since Ross mistakenly said Rachel's name instead of Emily's.

4. ICYMI, Bonnie and Clyde were famous thieves who were played by Warren and Faye in a 1967 movie

5. Yuge mistake

 Tomorrow, Trump will claim "La La Land" was incorrectly given Best Picture award due to 3 million illegals votin'.

6. I wonder how did this guy made this comic so quickly?

7. The chaos is unimaginable

8. Yup

9. Run for your life buddy

To the person who put the wrong card in  envelope: there's a passport waiting 4 u in a locker at Union Station. Run, don't look back

10. Conspiracy theories a brewin’

11. We all do

12. Yup, that’s what happened

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

"can I copy your homework?"

"yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied"


13. Sums up my reaction

14. Guess what we are doing at our office right now

My parents are literally replaying the last 2 minutes of the  in slow mo to try figure out the red envelope controversy

15. In a nutshell

And this is what host Jimmy Kimmel has to say about it.

However, as it turned out, it was not Warren and Faye’s fault as the envelopes got replaced mistakenly.
But whatever happened, the night became a whole lot more interesting because of this goof up.

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