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Police have learned that they should never underestimate a 12th pass girl. Last month police were shocked to discover that this 12th pass girl embezzled more than 16 crores. She did all this by misappropriating the accounts of the company. What’s came as more surprising to the police was when they discovered that she was a science stream student. She never studied accounts. Meet Vrushali Bamane, the woman who earns Rs 18000 per month. But beside this low-income she owns a 5 crore bungalow in Mumbai and many expensive cars too. Moreover, she has even gifted some of the cars to his relatives. Vrushali even helps his husband. The surprising element in her story is that she had studied science in her school. Later she became an accountant and that too without any training. She worked as an assistant accountant at Mahalaxmi Rope Works in Fort, Mumbai. The company hired her for a monthly salary of Rs. 18,000.

Life After Marriage
Marriage is a bonding between two people. And when we talk about India, marriage is not just between two people but two families, two societies and two traditions. The bond is strong and should be handled with love, care, respect, and trust. It doesn’t only change your name but your whole life. It is more than an expensive ring and a joint income tax return. Marriage is the transformation from you to two.
Life After Marriage
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There are many things that a guy doesn’t know about until he gets into a relationship. So we are going to make you aware of those 8 small things that are going to change after you get married.

1. How your refrigerator used to look…

Once you get married, many important situations, as well as your style of living, changes completely. There used to be a time when you had no time for grocery shopping. But now you have a loving wife who takes care of your every little thing.
Life After Marriage

2. Your free time now goes in…

There was a time when your free time went in listening to the latest rock music or new video games. But now your spare time goes in playing around with your kids. They make your crazy hairstyles and do your makeup. But you still enjoy it.
Life After Marriage

3. Even your pets had their own bed

When you used to live alone even your pets had a separate room of theirs. They were your only company and your 3 AM friend. But now that extra room is occupied by your loving kids and you have to share the bed with your pets.
Life After Marriage
Many people consider marriage as a prison and spouse a ball and a chain. But there are more pros than cons to it if you look closely.

4. Shopping style changes completely

Now you have a great company even when you go out for shopping. Know that marriage changes your priorities too. It is more about caring for two instead of one. Sometimes you miss the old times but the innocent smile of your kids and warm shoulder of your spouse makes you forget everything.
Life After Marriage

5. You now have to carry every little thing

After you get married you realize that if you are going to do this for the rest of your lives you have to change yourself. You have to think not only about yourself or your partner but also of your children. Where you used to carry a number of things for a trip, you now carry loads of bags.
Life After Marriage

6. How your wardrobe used to look and how it looks now

Marriage brings a total change in your life. Now your wardrobe is not only filled with your own clothes but with your partner’s clothes too. But the best part is – you know how to live an organized life. You no more get late for work as you know where your things are.
Life After Marriage

7. Priorities change

After marriage, ‘me’ changes to ‘we’. And the same applies to your shampoo collection. Not only you, but even your shampoo has a company now. Since girls love taking care of their looks and beauty, they buy a separate product for every part. A shampoo, a conditioner, a facewash, a gel, separate handwash and blah blah blah.
Life After Marriage

8. Doing laundry is now like…

The style of laundry is totally different now. There was a time when you had no care in the world about when to clean your clothes or even if you have any clean clothes left. But as you get married, you work as a partner and do things on time.
Life After Marriage
The goods and bads of marriage are a subjective matter but one can’t deny the fact that it does bring changes in lives of both the girl and the boy.

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