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RIP Humanity! A Delhi University Girl Was Convinced For A Party and then Gang Raped By Her Own Friends!

Every now and then in metropolitan cities in India, we keep hearing of molestation or sexual assault cases. A recent rape case in Delhi has shocked the entire country.
A girl from Delhi University who is a History Honours student trusted two of her friends who said they were taking her to a party in Faridabad.
The boys even told the girl that another female friend of hers will join the party at Faridabad. In Faridabad the boys were joined by 3 more guys who took turns to rape the girl.
The guys even forced the girl to drink alcohol and made videos of her so as to threaten her to not file a case against them once they released her.
But, the girl somehow gathered courage and reported it to the Police. The police has arrested 4 of the guys but one of them is still absconding.
This incident is a blot on humanity and has shamed Delhi once again. Lets start respecting women!

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