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‘Sasikala’s Slave’ Was The New Tamil Nadu CM According To Wikipedia For 30 Minutes

The Internet has a cruel sense of humor.
The Tamil Nadu political drama has taken over the Indian Internet for the past month now. And after the recent arrest of Sasikala, a politician from her camp was selected to be the CM for the time being.

The Wikipedia editors, though, had a different take on who the new Chief Minister is, as of now. The latest edit read as – ‘Sasikala’s Slave’!

Yes, you read that right. It was there until a few minutes ago.
Someone changed it and edited it to the appropriate name after people started sharing the image on social media.
Man, Paneerselvam must be laughing his ass off, wherever he is!
Never, ever trust Wikipedia, for itself. Always looks for the original source!
H/T – Atul Khatri

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