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SBI ATM Dispenses Fake Notes From Children Bank Of India! You’ll Be Shocked To See The Similarity!

With the announcement of demonetization, the struggle for obtaining new Rs 2,000 notes had started. People were standing in long queues outside banks and ATMs; at last, things have been settled now and cash needs are being met.
Amidst this, a shocking incident has come to light in South Delhi’s Sangam Vihar area. Well, on 6th of February, an SBI ATM in that area dispensed fake notes of Rs 2,000; those were not authorized but were from “Children Bank of India”.
What happened was, a guy named Rohit Kumar who is a customer care executive with a company there, lodged a police complaint after getting fake notes.
When he went to the ATM for withdrawing cash, 4 fake notes were dispensed. One surprising thing about these notes was that they looked exactly similar to that of original currency.

Elements on the fake notes!

1. Rs 2,000 was printed in the same font, but the notes showed “Children Bank of India”.
2. Usually, original notes carry a watermark, but these notes had the words “Churan label” written on them.
3. The serial number was “000000”.
It also had a pledge printed on it, which read “I promise to pay the bearer a slip of Rs 2000”. Reports stated that the investigator of that case tried to withdraw cash from that same SBI ATM and was shocked to get the similar notes (Fake ones).
This is not something new; couple of months back, a resident of Bihar had lodged a same complaint. Another example is that of farmers from MP who got new notes with Gandhiji’s image missing on them. Surprisingly, they too were from SBI.
Such things should be taken care of; who do you think is responsible for this? Government must take strict action as it’s high time now. Have you faced this problem before? Do share in our comments section below.

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