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Shahid Hinted That He Might Never Work With Kangana Ranaut In The Future

Actors not gelling well together with each other in not new in Bollywood. It’s not surprising when the actress is someone who asks for a better role than the actor. Yes, your guess is as right as ours. It’s none other than the leading lady of ‘Rangoon’ Kangana Ranaut’.
Kangana always stays in headlines and for all wrong reasons. Last time she had a cold war with Hrithik Roshan. This time she is having a cold war with Shahid Kapoor.
This all started when one fine day Kangana said that it was a nightmare for her to share cottage with Shahid.” The feisty actress didn’t stop here. She even said that kissing Shahid in the film was her worst experience. Well, which man would take that, ehh?
Shahid replied back to this and said, “Kangana has vivid imaginations and she doesn’t remember half of the things what she has said.”  If you are wondering if this was the end of their cold war. Then, unfortunately, you are wrong my friend.
If sources are to be believed, Shahid has taken a firm decision of not working with Kangana again. ‘Rangoon’ might be the first and the last movie of the duo together. Even during the promotion of the movie, Kangana was alone.
Shahid Kapoor has recently in an interview hinted that he would never work with the actress. “I would not like to play a table tennis match on this whole episode by answering to each of her comments. I just wish to put an end to this match. Kangana should move ahead with all her co-stars in an amicable manner and work with a team spirit.
The source quoted, “They had a constant difference of opinion during the shoot. Things had reached a point where they were barely talking to each other. In fact, Shahid will never work with Kangana again.”
Shahid Kapoor starer ‘Rangoon’ is all set to hit the screens on Feb 24. Kangana Ranaut is the leading lady. With the same attitude, Kangana would have to play the role of hero as well as a heroine.

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