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Sonam Gave Us A Sneak Peak Of Her Latest Shoot And We’re Not Sure How She Slays EVERYTIME!

SonamSonam Kapoor is, hands down, the most stylish actor Bollywood has produced in a long time. Thanks to her red carpet looks, she is no less than a walking and talking fashion brand, herself. With a fashion game so on point, the confidence she exudes only goes to enhance her electrifying presence, adding adjectives we haven’t even heard of.
Of course, it takes an army to doll up a fashionista like her, but the panache with which she carries off everything she wears takes the trophy home. In fact, just recently Sonam allowed us a little sneak peak of her latest photo shoot for Shehlaa Khan and the pictures are to die for!

Come, join us in our gawk session. 

1. Thanks to sister/stylist Rhea Kapoor who took the lead.

2. The diva slaying like usual

3. Oomphalicious! 

4. Black has never looked better! 

5. Intricate lace and loose tresses, could this be any better?!

6. Looks like a ‘Princess Diaries’ remake! 

7. Regal and royal!

8. When a bomb of sexiness explodes.. 

9. Because casual and chic is never out of vogue!

10. And Sonam sure loves to flaunt. 

OKAY! I don’t know about you but I’m going to file an RTI. How can she nail it every effin time!?

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