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Story Of A 72-Year-Old Woman Living Life On Her Own Terms Is Proof That Age is Just A Number

LifeAgeing is an inevitable phenomenon that people dread the most, after death that is. While we all know that mortality is a stage of ever-changing characters, I think, the fear of withering away into oblivion is the one that accommodates all our darkest insecurities. Almost as if, there is a kid inside of us that refuses to leave the centre stage!
But, and I say this with immense joy, there still are a handful of people that have embraced their wrinkles gracefully. Ones who are leading us all with examples and ones who are proving that age is in fact, just a number.

In this heart-touching post, shared by Humans of Bombay, come meet one such lady of grit and determination who I bet will make you shun all your excuses and inspire you to live life to its fullest.

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 “I can’t sit at home and watch these TV serials or gossip endlessly. I’m 72 — I’m not dying so why should I behave like it? I love being outdoors — I wake up and go to my aerobics class, then a brisk walk and I’ve recently joined a gym…just to see what it’s like. I’ve run every marathon in Mumbai since 2004 and recently completed walking the 500 KM in 100 days challenge.”
“What advice would you want to give to a large group of people?”
“I’m outdoors and love to be fit rather than wasting my time because I love myself. Love yourself, harder every day and watch how your life changes. All too often we focus on the people, the problems that let us down but in reality, the only person who has control over your happiness is you. At 17 or 72, the only trick to feeling fulfilled and having a purpose is to love yourself, with all your flaws, all your problems and all your let downs.”

If I land half as lively as she is when I reach her age, I would consider myself lucky. Thank you, mam. Thank you for teaching us how to live life, one day at a time.

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