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Story Of A Guy Who Failed 8th Standard But Now IITians Are Dying To Work Under Him!

Trishneet Arora
In a country like India, failure is never acceptable. One failure means your life is finished and people will start judging you.
What we people focus on are – academic records. If a student holds good records and a number of degrees, he is expected to achieve big in life. Whereas the one who is not that good in studies is seen as gone case.

But there is one guy who has proved this one old belief of our country wrong!

This guy named Trishneet Arora is just 23-years-old and is an author, entrepreneur, and a cyber security expert.
He failed his 8th standard once but was so much dedicated and passionate towards achieving his goal that he didn’t let anybody bring him down. While everybody laughed at him, Trishneet was determined towards his goal. He got himself enrolled in a correspondence course and started doing something big.
At the age of just 22, he started TAC security – which deals in cyber security. Today his client list comprises of 50 of Fortune 500 organizations.
He has also written 3 books – Hacking with Smartphones, The Hacking Era, and Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora. This much of achievement is definitely difficult to gulp on the part of a boy who has not even completed schooling.
Trishneet hails from Ludhiana and today his client list includes – CBI, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police, Reliance, Amul, and Avon Cycles.
From the beginning only he was obsessed with computers and so hooked off from studies at a very young age. This guy is one true inspiration and makes us believe that one failure can’t drag you away from your goals.

Failure is a part of success. If you fail one time doesn’t mean you will fail the next time also.

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