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Sunny Pawar Had His Moment With The Rock, Triple H And The Belt. How Far Can Be An Oscar?

sunnySunny Pawar, the talented kid of the ‘Lion’ fame, is truly living his life. And while at it, he is representing and making India proud alongside the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Yes, amidst Bollywood biggies, Sunny has not only arrived but is sweeping hearts across Hollywood.
A little time ago, he walked the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards with co-star Dev Patel, and now, the 8-year-old is gearing up for the coveted Oscars. However, before that happens our sunny little boy is shaking hands with the who’s who of the showbiz and we’ve got pictures!

Come, let’s admire him together!

1. First stop, posing with the sexiest man alive, The Rock~

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, took to Instagram to write the nicest things about Sunny. He wrote,
“Great having this amazing 8yr old child actor and star of LION, Sunny Pawar, stop by my dressing room to meet. We talked about how cool it was that we both have Oscar nominated movies this Sunday, at the Academy Awards. I told him  I look forward to making a movie with him one day. What a performance he put on in LION and the best part about this kid is, he’s a really REALLY polite and happy little boy. So cool to see. Good luck this Sunday big man. Bring home that Oscar!”

2. Sunny then forayed into the wrestling arena and raised a hand with none other than Triple H. 

The belt is almost his size, isn’t it just adorable!

Well, obviously this isn’t Sunny’s first share of limelight, he so rightly deserves. Earlier, he was snapped walking the talk and how!

1. Like here, when he shared a light moment with his co-stars at BAFTA 

2. Or the time when he posed for the shutterbugs in Nicole Kidman’s arms!

3. And the day when he blazed it up in a tux!

4. Tux talk 2.0

5. Ok, no celeb spotting but isn’t he a star himself?!

Sunny, oh Sunny! We love you. Also, bring home that Oscar.

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