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Superwoman Joins Forces With Bill Gates To Find Real Life Solutions For First World Problems

Superwoman is back with a super-video. But she ain’t alone. She is back with a super-bawse. Yep!

Lilly Singh shot a video with business magnate, philanthropist, and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

She even joked about it not being photoshopped.

Bill and Melinda Gates just released their annual letter which discusses how they plan to change the planet. This year’s focus is on global health and women’s rights.

She played a game with Mr Gates, where she read a tweet from a fellow tweet-er talking about his or her first world problems (FWP) and he cited a real life solution they’ve achieved.

And, it will show you how small your FWP are in comparison to the changing world.

It is fun and quite informative. They world is becoming a better place, bit by bit. Don’t believe me? Watch it here.

Lil Vs Bill, was fun! Haina?

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