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Teens Write Open Letters On Parental Pressure And It’s High Time Parents #ReleaseThePressure

If you think you had a tough teenage, then let me tell you, teens today don’t have it easy either. In fact, let me just say it out loud, they have it worse. From classes to school to co-curricular activities to expectations of excelling at everything, there an extra pressure to perform.
Did you know? That exam pressure is one of the leading causes of depression, stress and suicidal tendencies amongst teenagers. And, since it is exam season, the pressure to perform well increases by ten-folds.

From feeling demotivated and exhausted…

to feeling trapped, teens bottle up a lot of emotions.

And the cap came off when Mirinda asked them to write open letters to their parents facilitating an open conversation. Not only did they pour their hearts out about being under constant pressure, but they also urged them to #ReleaseThePressure.

Parents were asked to read those letters out loud and it hits you right where it hurts.

As the video rightly points, teens these days know their responsibilities and understand their parents’ concern. But it is important even for parents to go easy sometimes. How about that pizza treat or a random drive or just some time off from their strenuous routine?

Dear Parents, #ReleaseThePressure this exam season. To support the movement, give a missed call to 08866288662 and visit the website www.releasethepressure.in

This story is brought to you in association with Mirinda

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