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The MP Who Proposed The 5 Lakh Marriage Bill In Lok Sabha, Used A PLANE In Her Own Wedding

A Member of Parliament from Bihar recently introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha that seeks to limit the amount of money people spend on weddings. The bill proposes that if one spends over ₹5 Lakhs on their wedding, they’ll have to donate 10 percent of the amount towards the wedding of a poor girl.

As it turns out, Ranjeet Ranjan, the Congress MP from Supaul, Bihar who introduced the bill, had a pretty lavish wedding for herself.

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According to a report by News 18 Bihar, Ranjeet used a chartered plane to visit Purnia from Jalandhar for her wedding in the year 1994. The entire city of Purnia was invited to the wedding and every hotel and guest house was booked.

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200 acres of land was used for the wedding and the function was attended by personalities like Lalu Yadav and Raj Babbar.

With every nook and cranny decorated and caterers invited from outside the town, Purnia witnessed the grandest of celebrations during the wedding. The wedding also saw caravans of elephants and horses along with a large number of vehicles.

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However, when asked about this, Ranjeet denied the facts saying that it was only a political rally and not her wedding. She says that her wedding only had so many visitors as her husband, Pappu Yadav is an eminent leader.

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Practice what you preach, maybe?
News Source: News 18 Bihar

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