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The real reason we don't hear from Carmen Electra anymore

Christian Baker
Entertainer Carmen Electra was a permanent fixture of the '90s and early '00s. The Ohio native shot to fame under Prince's watchful eye and rode the wave to super-stardom with her role in Baywatch (1989-2001). The tabloids became obsessed with her, following her every move through a number of rocky high-profile relationships, including two divorces. But in recent memory, Electra (real name Tara Leigh Patrick) has been absent from television, film, and the press, prompting the question: where in the world is Carmen Electra? We've tracked her down for you. Check out what she's been up to and find out if this beach babe is ready to revive her career.

She's got a bad boy taking up her time
One of the reasons you won't spot Electra out at the clubs or dancing on table tops is because she may have her own Fifty Shades of Grey thing going on at home. The '90s femme fatale told People in the spring of 2016 that she has a new man in her life, and she described this mystery guy as a bad boy. "I still like the bad boys," she quipped. "That's not going to change… I'm very happy with my current situation." As for how long they've been romantically involved, Electra says it's a work in progress. "Taking things slowly—very slowly. Yeah, I've been single now for a while, and that was really fun. I met someone that I'm really interested in, so we're taking it slow."

Electra also explained she's got a particular type and why it works for her. "This is what I've learned over the years: my attraction to bad boys has to do with their life experiences," she said. "They've had lows, and they've gone through hard times, so in order to get past that, they've had to do a lot of work. So usually there's a different kind of intelligence that goes along with that, and awareness—spirituality. And I have to be with someone that's very intelligent, someone that I'm going to learn from." We're dying to learn this mystery man's name.

Her music career is mediocre
Electra launched her music career in 1993 with a self-titled album. Fast forward 20 years: she released a catchy dance single called "I Like It Loud" in 2013 that reached no. 24 on the Billboard dance club songs chart, followed that up in 2014 with "Werq," and kept the party anthems coming in 2015 with "Around the World." Despite all three tunes breaking into the top 25 on the charts, her marginal success failed to translate into widespread pop appeal.

But Electra's talents shouldn't be counted out just yet. She's got music running through her veins. According to The Huffington Post, her father played guitar, uncle played drums, and mom sang background for funk singer Bootsy Collin. Electra has been candid about her desire to jump-start a music career, telling The Grid (via the Daily Mail), "I've been wanting to get back to music for quite some time now. It's been a passion of mine since before I started to work with Prince back in the '90s, but my life and career just happened to take a different path."

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