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There’ll Be A Remake Of ‘Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast’. B-Wood, Please STOP Messing The Classics!

First, it was ‘Kala Chashma’. Then it was ‘Humma Humma’, and the latest to get the ‘remake’ axe was ‘Tamma Tamma’.
Now the director pair of Abbas-Mustan has announced that they will remake the classic song from ‘Mohra’, ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast mast’.
The Akshay Kumar foot tapper is a song for ages. The black scarf tied on his head, and the sequinned jacket and the sunglasses just add to the swag.

Add to that the gyrating choreography, and you have a classic that just cannot be replicated with any other actor or actress.

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And if you are outraged, you should be.

When the video of the remake of ‘Humma Humma’ was released, people were not impressed. And they poured out their anger out on social media.

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1. People thrashed Badshah for spoiling the original song with savage tweets

2. They also protested about adding meaningless rap music

3. Memes were made

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Pic 1 : original humma humma song

Pic 2 : Badshah's version

4. And people thought that AR Rahman collaborated with Badshah to create the remake

.@arrahman collaborating with artists like @Its_Badshah for killing a fabulous original  is what makes me lose faith in humanity!
But the fact was that AR Rahman ‘categorically said no’  when he was asked if the song could be remade.
And Bollywood went ahead and remade it anyway. They do not give a single shit about what the music director, creator or the audience thinks.

And now Abbas-Mustan are going to do the same thing for ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast mast’. In fact, they are going a step further to employ the original singer Udit Narayan to sing the remake.

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If you are wondering why, they are doing this to promote Abbas’ son, Mustafa’s debut movie. And he will not be wearing the same costume, sadly.

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Is Bollywood so desperately out of fresh ideas to make original songs with original compositions that it has to ‘remake’ music videos from the 90s now?
Bollywood has always had the bad reputation of lifting complete movies and song compositions. Now that people are smart enough to spot the copy in a few seconds, this seems like the ‘safe’ things to do.
Just copy paste a 90s classic – add an “item girl”, add some rap music and lyrics and there you go! A brand new song that took ZERO CREATIVITY to make.
And we are pretty OK with the fact that Bollywood is not creative.
But please leave the classics alone.

H/T – Mid Day

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