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These Ethereal Pictures Of Frozen Waterfalls Will Remind You Of Elsa’s Winter Wonderland

We all yearn for the great escape. In one form or another we all are desperate to be free. Free from the shackles of routine. Free from the grasp of mundanity. We wish to escape to the beautiful outdoors, to sunshine, winds, rain and snow. All of us desire a liberation into our own fantastical version of paradise.

This photographer, Tamas Toth, took a trip down to one such paradise -The World Of A Thousand Frozen Waterfalls In Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. 

Check out some of his most breathtaking pictures:

1. Those colours…

2. What a glow.

3. Mesmerising.

4. I could be here for hours.

5. Seriously, so serene.

6. Totally at peace.

7. Such magnificence.

8. Truly awe-inspiring. 

9. Just… wow!

10. The night sky adds it’s own unique flavour.

11. Look at the variety of shades.

12. Truly the perfect escape.

13. Escape from all things dull and stale.

14. Escape from monotony.

15. A beautiful window into paradise.

So break away from the unremarkable. Take a breather from the mundane. Get yourself on a plane and experience paradise.

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