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These Little Kids Recreate This Year’s Oscar Nominated Movies And They Are Perfectly Cute!

The Oscars are just a day away and we all know which movies have been nominated for this prestigious award. But how about adding a little twist to the Oscars? In the 7th edition of ‘Don’t Call Me Oscars‘, this Chicago mom, Maggie Storino, recreates famous scenes from the oscar winning movies with the help of her three adorable kids, Sophia (6), Sadie (4), and Solane (1).
This is an annual photo series but this year’s shoot is beyond comparison. It is so cute that you would want the oscar to go to these super cute kids.

1. Arrival

2. Fences

3. Hacksaw Ridge

4. Hell Or High Water

5. Hidden Figures

6. La La Land

7. Lion

8. Manchester By The Sea

9. Moonlight

Aren’t these little actors adorable? I mean such perfect expressions, such a striking body language. We need these to go to the Oscars too!

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