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These Newborn Bundles Of Innocence Will Make Every Particle Of Your Being Go ‘Aww!’

Babies are just the cutest, aren’t they? Their tiniest eyes express so much. Their smile is the epitome of innocence. Their little fingers so timid yet so determined to take on the universe. These little packets of joy are sure to turn the sternest of frowns upside down.
Photographer Ana Brandt specialises in one of the cutest forms of her art, baby pictures!

From newborn bundles of innocence to little kids with the most heartwarming smiles, her work will make every particle of your being go ‘aww’:

1. Look at those ears.

2. Freeze! In the name of cuteness.

3. Look what Santa brought along.

4. Even among those bunnies, the baby is still the cutest.

5. Yin and yang in perfect harmony.

6. So adorable!

7. Those gleaming eyes. 🙂

8. Notice the second smile on his cap too.

9. Cuteness doubled!

10. Little angel. 🙂

11. My heart just went all mushy.

12. A bucket full of joy, anyone?

13. Innocent eyes always bring a smile.

14. So pure!

15. He could literally fit in the palm of my hand.

16. Basket of love…

17. Such fascination in those eyes.

18. The lion sleeps tonight. 

19. And the cutest baby angel award goes to…

20. I cannot decide. They’re all adorable!

Didn’t that bring the sweetest smile to your face? Babies tend to do that. 🙂
H/T: Boredpanda

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