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This 26-Year-Old Is Paralysed From Waist Down But Her Flair With Makeup Brushes Is Impeccable

Life is difficult for all of us. True, everyone’s problems are different but after the dark times are over, we emerge stronger. But for some people, life is more than difficult, it gives them excruciating pain and they often lose the will to live. But the courageous ones fight their battles and not only carve out an amazing life but also inspire other people.
This is a story of a girl who lost the functioning of her limbs but her love for cosmetology helped her heal. This is a story of bravery and perseverance, of believing in life and making your own destiny amidst all the failures!

This is our protagonist, Steph Aiello. Well, isn’t she beautiful, I mean just look at her. But back to the story, she was driving back to California from Las Vegas and she dozed off while driving.

She was only 20 years old when she met with a horrific accident and it left her quadriplegic (paralysed in both hands and legs). She was paralysed from the waist down.

Steph’s dream was to become a cosmetologist and she was to start her school the next day but she met with his horrific accident and her dream took a backseat.

She was recovering from this incident when she met with another accident with her parents in the car. A drunk driver hit their car and her mom and dad were left injured.

She was sent to rehab where she battled depression for almost a year. She was adjusting to her life with a wheelchair. She was emotionally hurt after this second accident and this is what she says in one of her videos,

 “I remember sitting there thinking, this just can’t be real. Like, why am I here? Sitting there in the car and your dad’s not speaking to you because he’s been knocked out and your mom’s not breathing in the back seat – you’re just thinking, ‘Why? Why does this have to happen?’ You sit there and think you’ve been through enough.”

Steph’s therapist was thinking of ways to cheer her and one day the therapist came in and handed Steph the makeup brushes. The therapist told her that they would work it out and they did!


With whatever little movement Steph had left in her hands, she and the therapist practised holding brushes between her fingers, opening cans with her mouth and the activity did wonders. Steph was happy that she could find a way of doing what she liked the most.

 “I feel like emotionally, it made me revisit the person I was before my accident, with a passion of trying to beautify things. It was therapeutic for me because I didn’t have much wrist function and finger function, so I had to use the muscles that I did have after my injuries. I had to compensate. I think it also mentally helped me because it was a challenge for me and I became stronger from it. I became who I was again.”

Steph is now a licensed makeup artist, she has also joined a wheelchair dance team and she says that it gives her a lot of confidence. Take a look at how she does makeup all by herself and with such perfection!

This young lady had a tragic journey but look what she is doing. She is beautifying people just like she always wanted to. Hope she achieves whatever she dreams of and continues being happy in life. Keep inspiring, Steph!
News Source: The Indian Express

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